I try to find structure in just about anything, then focus on developing a way of working that allows for improvisation within the structures. My process involves changing the pace often, which leads to an exploration of dichotomies; clarity/confusion, order/chaos, intensity/subtlety…coexisting through connections, adaptations and transitions.

My recent work starts by punching deliberately uncoordinated keyboard entries into a search engine. I am interested in how the internet interprets and represents the new random “word” created from this process. It’s usually an indecipherable arrangement of unrelated numbers, letters and characters that provides images that initially appear to be random, but at times seem connected. I pick from the disparate images and start to develop a singular image, forming new connections and patterns. The further act of painting hybridizes, edits and distills the scrambled drawing into a specific composition. The resulting piece becomes a representation of my initial search and eventually finds its own place in the digital landscape, co-existing with its incidental origins.






© 2015 by Robert Fee